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  • EAC Program Overview

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  • EAC's Waiting Children

    EAC is working with each of it's country programs in providing homes for children who are immediately available to be referred. Please take a moment to visit our waiting children page and consider opening your hearts and homes to one of the children.

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  • China

    Families needed for children with minor/moderate correctable needs (especially boys) and healthy children. Age range varies from 8 months to 12 years of age. EAC families in this program find our consultants work diligently with your family and your pediatrician to find the child that you have been waiting for!

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  • Uganda

    Uganda offers infants, toddlers and children up to 15 years of age. The average age of children is around 3 years of age. There are many sibling groups that are waiting for a family. Relatively healthy and special needs children are ready for adoption in Uganda.

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  • India

    Children still become available for adoption in India primarily because of the extreme economic disadvantages of their birth family or the social stigma of single parenthood. EAC works with families of indian and non-indian heritage, and single parent adoption to place children from this country.

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  • Poland

    EAC has received our Poland License! We are accepting applications!

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  • Honduras

    The Honduras program offers families beautiful children with Hispanic heritage. Children available are boys and girls 1-9 years old. Sibling groups of 2-3 children are also available.

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  • Colombia

    EAC has established a relationship with the Colombia Central Authority in order to offer this Latin American program. Infants, toddlers, and sibling groups are available. Sibling groups and older children are available for immediate placement.

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  • Bulgaria

    This Hague-convention country offers beautiful children with olive complexions, brown hair and eyes. Children 18 months and older are available for adoption. Many sibling groups and older children are also available.

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  • Ukraine

    EAC offers this program for families seeking to adopt older children and/or sibling groups.

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  • Haiti

    EAC is working with IBESR to place children for adoption. Infants, siblings and older children are waiting for families now.

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  • Congo

    Congo offers children 2-9 years old. Single, siblings and non-related children.

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  • Panama

    Panama also offers families beautiful children with Hispanic heritage. Boys and girls 1-9 years old. Sibling groups are also available.

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  • Ghana

    Ghana offers boys and girls 18 months and older. All children will receive a complete medical screening (including tests for HIV and Hepatitis B). Children with correctable minor special needs are also available for adoption.

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  • Russia

    We are currently not accepting applications for Russia. Please click "Learn More" to find out more information and updates on Russia.

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  • Romania

    COMING SOON! Adoptive parents are required to be U.S. citizens in order to be eligible to apply for intercountry adoption using U.S. procedures.  This means that Romanian citizens legally residing in the United States will be able to adopt from Romania only if they or their spouses are also U.S. citizens.

  • Moldova