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Why Choose Bulgaria?

    Bulgaria Adoption

    EAC is working in cooperation with NGO and the Ministry of Justice to complete adoptions in Bulgaria. 3 adoptions from Bulgaria have been completed so far this year. Most Bulgarian children have olive complexions, brown eyes and brown hair.

The Children

Children Available for Adoption in Bulgaria
  • The children of Bulgaria are beautiful, having olive complexions, brown eyes and brown hair.  
  • Boys and girls 2-5 years and older are available.
  • Sibling groups available.
  • Short wait time for older children and children with special needs.

To view our photolisting and profiles of our Bulgaria Waiting Children click here


Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements for a Bulgaria Adoption
  • Bulgaria requires two short trips.
  • The first trip is approximately 7 days.
  • The second trip is approximately 7-10 days and occurs 3-5 months after the first trip.
  • Only one parent is required to travel on the 2nd trip.


Time Frame

Time Frame for a Bulgaria Adoption
  • Approximate time frame from application through finalization of the adoption is 24 to 36 months for children 3 and under, and up to 18 months for older children. 
  • For correctable special needs children the wait is approx. 12+ months.


Post Adoptive Requirements

Post Adoptive Requirements for a Bulgaria Adoption
  • All families must submit post-adoptive reports following  social worker visits at 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months.