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Why Choose Ukraine?

    Ukraine Adoption

    EAC has been working with Ukraine since 2005, in cooperation with SDAPRC - Department for Adoption and Protection of the Rights of the Child to complete adoptions in Ukraine. The children available in Ukraine are older children ranging from age 6 and up.

The Children

Children Available for Adoption in Ukraine
  • By Ukranian law, children 5 years and up are available for international adoption
  • Many sibling groups are available, as long as one child is at least 5 yrs old the other siblings can be younger.
  • Special needs children are available


Basic Steps

Ukraine Adoption Procedure
• Complete and submit the Application for Adoption.
• File the I-600A immigration documents, specifying a Ukraine adoption, with cable sent to the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.
• You will work with your personal EAC adoption consultant in obtaining contact information for a Home Study agency in your
   state of residence.
• Your adoption consultant will assist you in completing the Registration and Dossier documents.
• Submit your completed dossier to register with the Dept. of Adoption in Kiev, Ukraine.
• Receive your appointment date at the Dept. of Adoption approximately within 3 weeks after the submission of your dossier.
• Travel to Ukraine approximately 10 days after you receive your appointment date at the Dept. of Adoption.
• You are with EAC translators and coordinators while in the country and escorted through all proceedings.
• EAC parents will stay in an apartment in Kiev and be accompanied by English-speaking staff to the region.
• Parents choose a child from files of available children at their appointment with the Dept. of Adoption in Kiev and then travel to
   the region to meet the child. Court is held in the region.


Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements for a Ukraine Adoption
  • 1 trip, 4-8 weeks
  • 2 trips
    - 1st trip, 2-3 weeks
    - 2nd trip, 1 week


Time Frame

Time Frame for a Ukraine Adoption
  • Wait time is approx. 2-4 months. From submission of dossier to travel is immediate (approx. 10 days later)


Post Adoptive Requirements

Post Adoptive Requirements for a Ukraine Adoption
  • All families must submit post-adoptive reports following  social worker visits at 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months.